"Out of Step", 2019 | William McCleland


Will McCleland is a contemporary photography focusing  on the everyday as well as Portrait and Landscape using nearly film photography. Will currently lives and works in Northamptonshire. Documenting family friends and loved ones gives me an insight into the culture that surrounded me while growing up. My series ‘Out of Step’ takes a glimpse into the hardcore scene and the sometimes fragile balance that comes with being lost and found as the internal comes fourth externally.

We spoke to Will about his series ‘Out of Step’.

The Hardcore music scene gives a sense of belonging to many struggling to find a place in an uncertain society. It is possible to see those seeking direction, aligning themselves to what seems an aggressive movement, for a sense of belonging and meaning.

The fragility of those involved is often only exposed to those on the inside, causing a dichotomy between the public perception and the private reality.

To see more of Will’s work, visit http://willmccleland.co.uk/

All images and text © Will McCleland