“Wild Swimmers”, 2019 | Amy Gibbons

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Amy Gibbons is a Welsh documentary photographer based in Cheltenham. A graduating BA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography student from the University of Gloucestershire, she works on long term documentary projects, largely based around contextual portraiture. Amy is particularly interested in the way people interact with their surroundings and explores the relationships they form with them.

We spoke to Amy about her current series of work.

‘Wild Swimmers’ is a series which documents the open water swimming community around the UK; to find people who use nature as their pool and take it as an opportunity to seek serenity from the cold waters. The swimmers brave the cold to chase an adrenaline rush, to help with mental health, to keep physically fit and to enjoy the surrounding nature.

To see more of Amy’s ‘Wild Swimmers’, visit www.issuu.com/amy.gibbons2201

All images and text © Amy Gibbons