Visual Storytelling Open Call | April 2019

I am very excited to be one of the first people to talk about The South West Collective’s first open call and exhibition! Sam, founder of The South West Collective, has been featured previously on Fable & Folk with his work A Handshake with a Martian. He works tirelessly to make The South West Collective a photography based platform focused on documentary photography, similar to F&F.

Recently, he released via social media that he is hosting an open call where successful winners will be exhibited in a yet to be announced space on Torquay High Street.

poster for show.jpg
The theme is ‘Visual Story Telling’. Entries can be from any Genre - Documentary, Portraiture, Photojournalism etc, we have no preference.

We want the exhibition to have as much community engagement as possible and will seek to be holding workshops, talks and visits from local schools, as well as working with local businesses and organisations to try and get the public engaged with photography as a medium and our exhibition. We are hoping to run a series of events and talks from historians and lecturers which will educate students and the public on the selected works.

Sam runs The South West Collective completely out of his own pocket, much like F&F, so all submission fees are £5 and go directly towards the exhibition. You can submit between 1 - 10 images and the deadline date is Friday 12th April at 5pm.

Make sure to read all the details over on their website, here.