“Utö”, 2018 | Jasmine Färling


 Jasmine Färling is a documentary photographer from Helsinki. Her interests lie in anthropological themes, with a long term project concentrating on the remote island of Utö in Finland - with only 30 permanent residents the island becomes a microcosm of isolation within contemporary Western culture.

She is a recent BA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography graduate from Swansea College of Art, and was shortlisted in Sony World Photography Awards in her final year of studies. She has been published internationally and exhibited her work in the UK and Finland.

We spoke to Jasmine to hear more about her series "Utö".

Utö, meaning ‘outer island’, is the southernmost year-round inhabited island in Finland. Exploring the existence of small marginalised communities - their social dynamics, surrounding environment and isolation from the mainstream culture - this on-going project is also a personal exploration to understanding the local mindset and why individuals willingly choose to live a life of isolation. The island being a part of Finland, yet Swedish-speaking, the project aims to investigate the residents’ cultural identity along with their relationship to neighbouring Finnish and Swedish societies.

To see more of Jasmine's work, visit www.jasminefarling.com

All images and text © Jasmine Färling