“The Shed Was Our Spaceship”, 2019 | Hayleigh Longman


Hayleigh Longman is a photographer working with personal and conceptual themes, through the use of a combination of portraiture and surroundings.

Her work develops through encounters with people who mean a lot to her, and those who impact her life in perhaps little but significant ways. Finding small things in our diverse world to focus on for a split second, presenting environments and events, which we all experience, yet often look past. This careful way of observing encourages abstraction in her work. Hayleigh shares her life and the things that are important to her in a way people can understand, creating narratives of reality that are thoughtfully considered and composed.

We spoke to her about her featured series.

‘The Shed Was Our Spaceship’ explores subjects such as childhood and imagination. I have self-staged a series on reflection of my own childhood in a poetic style.

Letter to myself when concluding the project:
”We grow up and discover that we can never re-visit such memories even if we want to. And when we’re in them, we don’t realise it. Yet our childhood is a time we all carry in us lastingly, as an explanation of why we may be the way we are. Although, it is a concealed period of which we know nothing. I struggle to let go, as I stand in the middle. I hold the memories but want one more chance to live them again.”

Whilst working closely with children ages three to nine as a constructed part of work to re-discover the child inside myself, my work naturally moulded into a series around the beautifully organic imagination of a child along the way.

To see more of Hayleigh’s portfolio, visit https://www.hayleighlongman.com/

All images and text © Hayleigh Longman