“The Low Coast”, 2018 | Alberto Cruz


Alberto Cruz was born in Valladolid, Spain. In 2012, he moved to England looking for new opportunities for personal/work development. He settled in the North Coast of Wales and as a result of his travels in the region and his passion for documentary, he began to make a series of street photographs capturing the people of these coastal areas. These snapshots became the backbone of his photographic practice.

From his snapshots, came my documentary project 'The Low Coast' which focuses on the negative effects of a change in the economy and the increase of mass tourism on these small coastal areas.

We spoke to Alberto to find out more about this series.

My series ‘The Low Coast’ focuses on coastal towns who have suffered from the change in the global economy. Almost all my photographic work has been done in towns such as Llandudno, Rhyl and New Brighton.

Globalisation has meant that many mining, docks and metallurgy industries have closed and all their workers, who used to frequent these coastal towns, no longer visit as often. The low-cost flights and vacation packages now on offer to countries outside of the UK, paired with the closure of many booming industries that once thrived along the UK’s coastline, has been the main cause of why these areas have become the shadow of the prosperous area they once were.

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All images and text © Alberto Cruz