“The Art of Living”, 2018 | Daniel Homewood

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Daniel is a photojournalist and documentary photographer from Oxford, UK. With an approach rooted in intimate and personal communication, he shows the commonality of humanity through the lives and experiences of his subjects. His photography searches for the quiet and everyday moments which are often overlooked yet describe the effects of the wider context of the story. Through exploring the social and physical landscapes inhabited by those affected by conflict, economic crises and political injustice he hopes to fill in the spaces between the immediacy of breaking news events. He has provided content for MSF, MdM, Help Refugees UK and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service among others. His work is based throughout Europe and in the Middle East.

We spoke to Daniel about his featured series.

This body of work has been developed alongside my freelance projects since 2015 but it began as nothing more than a collection of street photography images from places I’ve visited. Having sat with these pictures for over three years now, I have become increasingly aware of the themes within the work I have been creating so it felt right to start to focus it into what is now a book in progress. My concern with the way people live is deeply connected to my personal experience, struggling to survive in an increasingly expensive society. This work intends to examine the ways in which people strive to live with a sense of freedom and dignity despite the socio-economic and environmental barriers they face. The images have been collected from time spent in England, Wales, France, Serbia and Greece (to date) and have been curated to show the similarity of experience for people from all these places. The internal urge I feel to travel and document the world is a hugely defining part of my own sense of self and it is through this that I have discovered my place in the world, my own art of living.

To see more of Daniel's work, visit www.danieljameshomewood.com

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