“Spiritual Spaces”, 2018 | Gweniver Exton


Gweniver Exton is a documentary photographer based between South Wales and Gloucestershire. Her work tends to explore people within their comfortable environments, and their relationship to their surroundings.

We asked her to to tell us more about her most recent series.

My latest project ‘Spiritual Spaces’ is an exploration of people living with alternative spiritual beliefs. It features the environments that the featured individuals feel spiritually connected to or where they may practice their spirituality. Whether that is their home, studio or within the natural landscapes, ‘Spiritual Spaces’ explores the visual notion of this other worldliness that some choose to identify in.

One of the main themes that has resonated with me through talking with each of my subjects is that ultimately their beliefs cannot fit into a box nor be restricted by specific dogma. Connection to the earth and the landscape forms a major part of many of their beliefs - this appreciation of nature going beyond a human plain towards the spiritual one.

By photographing my subjects in their specific environments and pairing them with landscapes, I am conveying how (unlike organised religion) all of these places and spaces can be seen as spiritual or sacred.

To view Gweniver's book 'Spiritual Spaces' go to issuu.com/gweniverexton/docs/spiritual_spaces_full_book or to see more of Gweniver's work, visit gweniverextonphoto.com

All images and text © Gweniver Exton