“Snowdonia Revisited”, 2018 | Robert Law


Robert is an emerging photographer based in Wales in the UK. He specialises in fine art, documentary and minimalist photography. Throughout his body of work you will hopefully see a cohesive style of observation and picture taking that provides the viewer with a fresh honesty and reality. Robert is also a contributor to Millennium Images, London. He is active in the photographic community where he contributes articles, images and helps promote and encourage photographers of all levels. His work "Glasgow Belonging" has been featured previously on Fable & Folk.

We asked Robert more about his landscape based narrative.

From stone quarries that have been active since the Neolithic period and slate quarries that provided roofing for Britain and the world, to modern hydroelectric schemes: The Snowdonia (Eryri in the Welsh language) landscape of 3000ft/1000m mountains, valleys and lakes is one of the world’s most beautiful national parks that also bears the scars of man’s industry. This narrative aims to reveal the beauty of what is hidden underneath the surface, the new topography as a consequence of man and to delve deeper than aesthetically pleasing images of the site (how you most commonly see Snowdonia photographed).

To see more of Rob's work, visit www.wtgphoto.com

All images and text © Robert Law