“Smoke and Soil”, 2018 | Franzi Pullmann


Franzi is a German born documentary and portrait photographer and recent graduate of the University of South Wales in Photojournalism. She is interested in different cultures, individuals and the relationship between them which has influenced her work to revolve around people and community. Having been based in Cardiff while completing her undergraduate degree, Franzi has created in-depth projects around British youth culture, multiculturalism and alternative living.

Franzi's work has previously been published by Wales Online, The Western Mail and Documenting Britain.

We asked Franzi about her series 'Smoke and Soil'.

‘Smoke and Soil’ explores the pursuit of happiness of the people living in Tipi Valley - a low-impact lifestyle eco-community in South West Wales. Most of its’ residents live in nomadic dwellings such as tipis, yurts and domes. My aim was to gain an understanding not of how people there live, but why they live there. What makes this place that extraordinary special for people to give up on their contemporary lives, far away from our modern world? My images are a visual response of what I found from my own personal journey through Tipi Valley.

’If you look at a tipi from the side you’ll see that it looks like an American Indian Warrior sitting cross-legged on the ground with a blanket around him like that. He’s got a headdress that goes on like that, he’s got a pipe that goes up like the smoke flaps like that and he’s blowing the pipe out. And in a way, you’ll see that the fire is like an altar, it’s the central things that draws your mind in and gives a focus.’

(Chris, resident of Tipi Valley until his death in 2016).

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All images and text © Franziska Pullmann