“Powolani przez Boga”, 2016 | Scarlett O’Flaherty  


Scarlett O’Flaherty is a graduate of B.A Photography currently based in South West England. Following an extended period living in Poland her work has now developed across Eastern Europe. Working through a social documentary practice and slow-journalism she adopts an anthropological approach. O’Flaherty is currently a Sales & Marketing Intern at MACK Books and is preparing to begin a Masters in Publishing at the University of the Arts London.

We asked Scarlett to tell us more about her featured series.

Powolani przez Boga is a documentation of the feminine adoration of God. The project goes beyond an outside perspective of women’s role in the Catholic Church and seeks to understand what makes these women give their lives to God. The Sisters display an inner contentment that many in our contemporary society would envy. This comes from their belief that they have been called by God. This calling and dedication to the Church are not tangible, and some would argue does not exist, however, for the women of the Felician Franciscan Congregation, it determines their path through life. As someone who grew up with a catholic background and who doesn’t recognise themselves as religious, it was interesting to me why in today’s society, even in a slightly less secular society, what makes these women dedicate their lives to the Catholic Church.

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All images and text © Scarlett O'Flaherty