“Planted”, 2016 - 2018 | Katie Mordan


Katie is a freelance photographer based in Cornwall and Devon. Through personal work, she photographs buildings and places, interested in documenting our relationship with the built and natural environment in both rural and urban settings.

We asked Katie about her ongoing series 'Planted'.

My photographic practice is based on a reaction to my physical environment. In 2016 and 2017 I walked the streets of the Gloucestershire town of Cheltenham, where I lived, documenting where nature interacts with the built environment.

These physical intersections demonstrate human attempts to create and control their environment.  Often nature is contained through careful and regular attention and other times it is left to form its own relationships with the constructed brick, stone, steel and cement structures that constitute a built urban environment. It’s these relationships that form the foundation of my visual documentation.

To see more of "Planted", check out @plantedproject on Instagram or visit Katie's website www.katiemordan.com

All images and text © Katie Mordan


Following on from Cheltenham I have taken my series Planted to a new urban environment.  This new work has taken me to Southport, a town in the North of England with a view out onto the Irish Sea.

The differences in the images interest me greatly. How you can explore different places, or simply one street to the next and discover new and creative explorations of the same thing: how we as humans choose to impact our environment differently.