“A Handshake with a Martian”, 2018 | Samuel Fradley


Samuel is a British documentary photographer based in Plymouth who runs his own company, The South West Collective of Photography Ltd, with the ambition to promote photography in the South West of England. In his personal works, Sam searches for stories that are different, unique and often on the fringe of society, as he believes that these make for the most interesting stories. His work also explores other genres of photography, while occasionally focusing on current global events or responding to stories closer to home.

We asked Sam about his latest work.

Provoked by my inner curiosity into the UFO scene in the United Kingdom, ‘A Hand Shake with a Martian’ is a personal investigation into the British UFO phenomena. I embark on a journey that takes me across the UK to try and understand what has occurred. Supported by official declassified documents, this project is a photographic response to my journey. I meet the people who believe in and research UFOs, as well as visit the locations where these famous sightings happened.

To see more of Samuel's work, visit www.samuelfradley.com

All images and text © Samuel Fradley