‘One Year Later: A Conversation with Graduates’, Cheltenham | 23rd May 2019

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Panel Talk

Thursday 23rd May

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Chapel Arts Gallery, Knapp Road, Cheltenham, GL50 3QQ

Optional drinks/pizza afterwards @ The Bottle of Sauce

Myself and my friend Amy, ‘Amy Louise Writes’ , conducted a survey for current students to discover their thoughts after leaving university.

Half of the students taking the survey said that one of the things they are most concerned about is dealing with loneliness after graduating.

65% of students said that they didn’t have any solid plans for leaving university.

Post-university life - from coping with mental health to job searching - is something we both feel very passionately about and conducting this survey was certainly an eye-opener.

Since this realisation, we have made an event for current university students with any concerns for graduating. The event is a discussion between a panel of graduates from different courses where they talk about their own experiences with life after university - discussing topics flagged by students in our survey as being a big concern.

The panel consists of 5 graduates - myself (Editorial & Advertising Photography graduate), Amy (English Language & Creative Writing graduate), Howard (Teaching graduate), Tom (Biology graduate) and Jordan (Sports Journalism graduate).

If you’re a current student concerned about leaving university or a graduate struggling seeking support and advice and can attend, come along!

If you’re the above, interested in the panel event but can’t attend, please let us know! We’re considering creating multiple panel events across the UK in different locations but only if we feel this is something people would be interested in.