“Oh, Mama”, 2018 | Megan Bendall

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Megan is a young social documentary photographer originally from the North East of England, currently based in Cheltenham, UK. Megan wants to focus on changing the view of photographic projects based on cancer. She wants to show that life can be normal and happy by photographing people who have beaten cancer and their main supporters.

We asked Megan to share her most recent series 'Oh, Mama'.

‘Oh, Mama’ is my most recent ongoing series. It shows daily life over the last year at my home in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK. The only difference in our household is that Ma is living with a terminal disease: Secondary Breast Cancer. She was diagnosed in the May of 2017 and since has been on three different treatments over the course of the year to keep it at bay. These images show that even though she’s living with an illness, she’s still able to do the things she loves with the people she loves and keeps a strong, positive face despite the situation. The people shown in this selection of images are two of Ma’s best friends, Lesley and Debbie, our neighbour, Tracy and son, Luke who currently lives at home. Everyone is a huge help and every Thursday when Da is away at work (he works on oil rigs in the North sea, off the coast of Scotland), Debbie takes Ma to chemo.

To see a larger selection of these images go to meganbendall.com

All images and text © Megan Bendall