“Las Afueras (The Outskirts): The Neighbourhood of the Cemetery”, 2017 | Laura Prieto Martín


Laura Prieto (b.1996) is a Spanish social documentary and portrait photographer, currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work explores the concepts of identity, memory and youth through the use of both traditional and creative analogue techniques.

Laura is a recent BA Photography graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, where she currently holds the position of Student Demonstrator. Since then, her work has been exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad.

We spoke to Laura about her series 'Las Afueras'.

Las Afueras is a photo documentary that captures the young community growing up in the outskirts of a dormitory city in Spain, focusing on the feeling of uncertainty about their future.

I returned home, photographed old friends and their friends, showcasing the place where I was born with a strong sense of nostalgia.

The neighbourhood is known by the older locals as ‘the neighbourhood of the cemetery’.

To see more of Laura's work, visit www.lauraprietophotography.com

All images and text © Laura Prieto Martín