It is so important for those with experience and skills to share knowledge and inspire those starting out in photography. That’s why we started our Interviews page. Dive into our discussions with influential people from the photographic community to get an insight into their lives.


In Conversation with Colin Wilkinson | October 2019

“There is no rush. I have published many books about photographers at the end of their career - and they are sometimes the better for it.”


In Conversation with Nicholas White | October 2019

“…I’d lost count of the amount of people who told me that moving to London was the natural way of things if one was to pursue photography…If you want to leap into the scrum then be my guest, but I’ve personally found that being based away from the capital has been incredibly beneficial...”


In Conversation with Tom Oldham | September 2019

“…The obvious answer I’m afraid – preparation. Being practiced, rehearsed, professional, warm, generous, calm, in tune with your subjects - all that stuff is a load more important than your lens choice…”

Bath, 2006.jpg

In Conversation with Elinor Carucci | September 2019

“Try and make sure you’re bringing your photography to the highest level you can, creating work that is original and says something. You also have to find a way to make a living and be creative, whether you teach or do commissioned editorial work on the side.”


In Conversation with Claire Lawrie | August 2019

“I have not been a snob about working on all kinds of jobs to earn money - and often you can bend the work to suit your interests and to learn something from them…”


In Conversation with Julia Fullerton-Batten | July 2019

“…Those experiences are fundamental to the advice that I’d give to budding photographers – you’re your own luck with hard-work, belief in yourself and enthusiasm…build and maintain your portfolio, always enter competitions and never give up doing so…”


In Conversation with Chloe Juno | December 2018

“…Be your authentic self and keep plugging on. Think about how to market yourself and most importantly, find time to make the work and keep focused...”


In Conversation with Dan Wood | June 2018

“…Make sure you take your time, work hard and concentrate on the quality of your photographs first and forget about the final goal for the meantime. Nobody will want to publish a book of pictures that are just not up to it. Patience is the key…”