“Glasgow Belonging”, 2018 | Robert Law


Robert is an emerging photographer based in Wales in the UK. He specialises in fine art, documentary and minimalist photography. Throughout his body of work you will hopefully see a cohesive style of observation and picture taking that provides the viewer with a fresh honesty and reality. Robert is also a contributor to Millennium Images, London. He is also active in the photographic community where he contributes articles, images and helps promote and encourage photographers of all levels.

We asked Robert to tell us more about his featured series.

‘Glasgow Belonging’ is a series that examines the character of a rapidly changing Scottish city as it transitions from a heavy industrial past into a modern and confident future. Through a fast pace of rebuilding and ‘reimagining’, old features are vanishing on a daily basis. The city’s motto is ‘People Make Glasgow’.

The question is, will the unique character and culture of the people endure through the consequences of gentrification and migration? Will the newer generations of Glaswegians feel the same sense of belonging to this great, changed city?

To see more of Robert's work, visit www.wtgphoto.com

All images and text © Robert Law