“Frederick Road”, 2018 | Josh Lyle


Josh is a young landscape photographer, currently based in Cheltenham whilst finishing his degree at the University of Gloucestershire. The passion for this genre was an obvious one for Josh as he was surrounded by beautiful landscapes whilst growing up in Cornwall.

We asked Josh about his series 'Frederick Road'.

‘Frederick Road’ is a documentation of a childhood home. When I was 3 years old, I spent 16 months living in Malvern Link. My house there, 15 Frederick Road, holds lots of personal memories for me. I decided to create this body of work because although I was only there 16 months, the place really did seem like home and I have lots of special memories from my time there.

I got in contact with the people who actually bought the house from my parents and they very kindly allowed me inside. This meant I was able to capture interior shots of what the house looks like now. The series also documents certain places in the surrounding area which I specifically remember from living there.

In contrast, the series also contains photographs taken from my parents which captured the house and the town back then. The inclusion of these gives two alternative perspectives showing the vast difference between Frederick Road then and now. Although the project is personal to me, I feel it takes the viewer on a journey and offers a glimpse at my childhood.

To see more of Josh's work, visit www.joshualyle.com

All images and text © Joshua Lyle