“Buried in the Rocks”, 2018 | Amy Warren


Amy is a documentary photographer currently studying Editorial and Advertising photography at the University of Gloucestershire. Her current work is based around finding narratives within the landscape.

We asked to see her most recent series 'Buried in the Rocks'.

Over the last 30 years, England and Wales Mountain Rescue have reported 91 deaths related to climbing incidents. On the 2nd of February 2018, I set out to film two fellow climbers. As we were about to start climbing, a young man, also a climber, ran over to ask us for help as his friend had fallen. We followed the man round to a cliff face. The only sign we had of the fallen man was the rope which hung down from the point he fell. The two climbers I was with scrambled up the cliff to help the man. They then proceeded to assist the rescue team up the rock face. The rescue team worked tirelessly under immense pressure to help the man. Unfortunately, they were unable to save him.

This series documents the locations where such fatalities have occurred across England and Wales. The body of work also attempts to demonstrate the beauty of these landscapes whilst also portraying the reality of the dangers involved in such sports.

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All images and text © Amy Warren