“Between Darkness and Light”, 2018 | Katie Hayward


Katie is a photographic artist whose predominant area of interest sits within the realms of documentive landscape, more specifically in terms of place and the identity of place. Katie works on series-based projects, working to convey subtle narratives by offering up images which singularly are strong, but which play their part in collectively telling a wider story also. Large format film is the predominant method used by Katie, owing to its suitability to the subject matter, but the majority of her test shooting and location scouting is carried out using digital methods.

We asked Katie to tell us more about her featured series.

Between Darkness and Light is an observation of the landscape in the coastal town of Lowestoft in Suffolk. The town is positioned as the most easterly settlement of the country and so is host to one of its geographical extremities. This body of work provides a subtle acknowledgement of industries won and lost over time, giving a glimpse into Lowestoft’s tumultuous past and tentative future, with much uncertainty on its horizon. It is a town, like many in the UK, forced to live through governmental decisions made at a distance, which directly impact upon the communities that live and work there. The community vote overwhelmingly to depart from the European Union, hopeful that it would result in the reclamation of the fishing waters off its coastline, making way for a resurrection of its fishing industry. While our government negotiates for our exit from the European Union, there is much fear that the country’s fishing waters will serve as the sacrificial lamb in realising our departure. Uncertainty is more prominent in Lowestoft than ever before, placing the town and its people once again in a state of unknowing, somewhere between darkness and light.

To see more of Katie's work, visit www.katehayward.net

All images and text © Katie Hayward