“Below the Radar”, 2018 | Jason Thomas


Jason Thomas is a documentary photographer whose attention is drawn to the whole gamut of emotions evoked from just a glance or body language. He specialises in portraiture as this is an opportunity for him to glimpse into someone else's life. He is intrigued by the narrative of human life and values the most real and natural moments we experience collectively.

We asked Jason about his series 'Below the Radar'.

The project came about when I met a few people who lived in Tipi Valley, an eco-community based in Carmarthenshire. From there, I began to gain interest in the eco way of living and how we have so many housing problems within the UK and yet the people living here could build a home from as little as £1,000. I grew up in a council estate and was always looked at differently compared to other people who lived in my village. I wanted to therefore document people, and the movement of eco-living, that stood out in a positive way. The project evolved into documenting several different eco-communities and a number of these locations are undisclosed - this is where the name ‘Below the Radar’ came about. I wanted to capture the people and what they stood for - fighting councils for planning and finding the simplicity and beauty in life.

To see more of Jason's work, visit www.jasonthomasphoto.co.uk

All images and text © Jason Thomas