Fable & Folk was founded in April 2017 and has accumulated over 50 series of work. We started Fable & Folk as a platform to inform, educate and inspire others with a plethora of different work from different people all over the world.

Sit back, relax and take a look at the amazing work we have received.


"Lost and Found", 2019 | Charlotte Dobson

“This project explores how my sister ‘lost’ herself to anorexia and how she ‘found’ herself, having recovered from it.”

TW: This series discusses anorexia and mental health which some people may find distressing.


"Temple Feeds", 2019 | Ibolya Feher

“'Severn Project' was a social re-integration project providing real opportunities to socially excluded people. They grew organic vegetables on disused urban land and supplied local restaurants with their produce.”


“Off Season”, 2019 | Lauren Cleathero

“The images represent a cathartic process of recording and exploring in an attempt to reconcile an unfamiliar environment and establish a sense of belonging.”

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“Ely’s Tony”, 2019 | Rhys Davies

“…Regardless of negative stereotypes surrounding the area, Tony has no hesitation on inviting me into his house after knocking on his door to find information on the area…”


“Littoral”, 2019 | Kate Wolstenholme

“Each individual will experience the sea differently. The sea, with all her great powers, can fill those connected with it with great calm, energy and power…”


“Martin”, 2018 | Yasmin Carter

“…The project began as an exploration of what it was like to have a male figure in my life for the first time in seven years…”


“Keine Nachsaison im Kurort”, 2018 | Anna Hammer

“…this work attempts to visualise the lingering echoes of the soviet legacy that still casts its shadow over the Eastern regions of Germany…”


“The Low Coast”, 2018 | Alberto Cruz

“…The series focuses on coastal towns who have suffered from the change in the global economy…”


“Familiar”, 2018 | Chloe Davies

“…’Familiar’ explores themes such as relationships, the domestic space and dysfunction within the family unit…”


“Stories from the Sea”, 2016 | Camille Michel

“…I wanted to photograph life at sea and convey the highs and lows of being a sailor.”


“School Portrait: Rwanda”, 2016 | Amanda Harman

“…In this project I am interested in making photographs that looks forward to Rwanda's future, as embodied in these young people, Rwanda's new citizens.”


“The Art of Living”, 2018 | Daniel Homewood

“…This work intends to examine the ways in which people strive to live with a sense of freedom and dignity despite the socio-economic and environmental barriers they face…”


“Smoke and Soil”, 2018 | Franzi Pullmann

“...'Smoke and Soil' explores the pursuit of happiness of the people living in Tipi Valley - a low-impact lifestyle eco-community in South West Wales…”


“Saturday and Sunday League”, 2018 | Nicholas Priest

“…I've played football for as long as I can remember so I knew I wanted this to be the subject of my final year project at university…”


“Valley”, 2006 - 2018 | Bryony Good

“…The collection of images attempts to combine my own experience of growing up in the Calder Valley whilst juxtaposing the beauty but also the eeriness of the area…”


“Coalville”, 2018 | Christopher Mear

“…'Coalville' is a meandering narrative of a young mans conflicted and evolving relationship with the post-industrial landscape he has little choice but to call home…”


“The Thistle and the Rose”, 2018 | Paul Railton

“…'The Thistle and the Rose' asks questions of the artificial construct of a border and the cultural implications that can manifest from bordering…”


“A Quiet Invasion”, 2018 | Harvey Folkes

“…These quiet spaces allow me to become something of a character through the room and who I feel I am inside it…”


“Emily”, 2018 | Noemi Filetti

“…The series shows how Emily's life is shaped by the conditions of her brother - documenting the impact on her personality, hobbies, interests and relationships…”

Magic Number Keith .jpg

“Magic Number”, 2018 | Ally Robinson

“…The elderly are habitually no longer seen as having a significant presence in society but to me, they are cherished sources of history…”


“Spiritual Spaces”, 2018 | Gweniver Exton

“…'Spiritual Spaces' is an exploration of people living with alternative spiritual beliefs…”


“Omission”, 2017 | Ethan Lo

“…In this series, the physical archival materials are burnt as setting oneself on fire has historically been a political statement, particularly in Hong Kong…”


“Glasgow Belonging”, 2018 | Robert Law

“…'Glasgow Belonging' is a series that examines the character of a rapidly changing Scottish city…”

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“Sea Change”, 2003 - 2012 | Michael Marten

“…'Sea Change' is a study of the tides around the coast of Britain. The views in each diptych are taken from identical positions at high tide and low tide…”


“For ours you see, was Welsh Steam Coal”, 2018 | Adam Elliott

“…This series is a visual exploration of how communities have been shaped by the coal-mine industry and its demise…”


“Buried in the Rocks”, 2018 | Amy Warren

“…This series documents the locations where rock climbing fatalities have occurred across England and Wales…”


“Another Day”, 2017 | Isabel Chapman

“…‘Another Day’ centres around the theme of ageing and loneliness, and how merely companionship isn’t always a two-way street…”


“Walking Home”, 2017 | Lucy Jarvis

“…In order to form a connection with the unknown places surrounding a 90 mile driving route I decided to walk home…”


“In Search of Lost Gloves”, 2015 - 2018 | Rob Townsend

“…Everybody loses something every day, though usually just a memory, and it’s usually unimportant. Usually…”


“State of Waiting”, 2018 | Andy David Wright

“…This series is based around the terminal illness of my wife's Grandfather, Valentin Chipana Huaracha…”


“No Place Like Home”, 2018 | Brian Cooney

“…This work explores and questions different perspectives on the West and on Ireland itself…”


“Wouldn’t It Be My Luck”, 2018 | Georgia Drury

“…This work documents the greyhound racing which takes place at Monmore Green, Wolverhampton…”


“Point-to-Point”, 2017 | Iona Nicoll

“…Point-to-Point is a form of amateur horse racing that is considered to be a very traditional British countryside sport…”


“A Day Away From the Farm”, 2017 | Kate Walker

“…The series captures the vibrant and lively atmosphere and gives an insight to those who will not have witnessed an agricultural show before…”


“A Rock and a Hard Place”, 2018 | Jordan Turnbull

“…This series aims to document how Brexit is redefining relationships and nowhere is it more noticeable than in Gibraltar…”


"More Than 90 Minutes", 2019 | Oliver Taylor

“The groundsmen, kitmen and volunteers are what make the club tick and are sadly not given the credit they deserve. I created this project as not only a means of giving back to the community but also as a celebration of these people.”


"The Industrial Landscape", 2019 | Patrick Lewis Dowse

“The beaches along the east Durham Coastline went through a huge transformation by the National Trust to clean up the beaches to get them back to their former glory.”


"Out of Step", 2019 | William McCleland

“The fragility of those involved is often only exposed to those on the inside, causing a dichotomy between the public perception and the private reality.”


"Last Days of Toys R Us", 2019 | Joanna Kulesza & Andy Sarjahani

“Toys 'R' Us feels a little different, though, than all the rest. For so many of us, it was always some kind of temporary, wondrous escape.”


"Buildings of Worship", 2019 | Maia Pavey

“The post-war architecture of churches describes a change in attitude to design and a change of where money is funded into – these buildings have had less time spent on their making.”


“Teenage Wildlife”, 2019 | Morganna Magee

“Statistically teenagers in Australia are healthier and more privileged than ever before however for girls like Daisy, Shania and Teeya, intergenerational poverty, mental illness and lack of education paints a different picture.”


“The Shed Was Our Spaceship”, 2019 | Hayleigh Longman

“My work naturally moulded into a series around the beautifully organic imagination of a child along the way…”


“Kibbutznik/Kibbutzim”, 2019 | Sophia Spring

“These new models of living were once a relevant and dynamic part of Israeli life. But recent years has seen the closure and part-privatisation of kibbutzim across Israel, as many of the young leave…”


“The Price we Paid for Coal”, 2019 | Josh Lyle

“Wandering up to the cemetery you feel a sense of tranquillity. The gardens hold pearl white arches which interlink the graves together as one. They symbolise a day of tragic loss.”


“Bacchanalia”, 2019 | Samuel Fradley

“On a leisurely walk to Haldon Forest in Devon with friends, we discovered something. The space where we had been exploring changed into a location where people had been undertaking sexual activities…”


“Across the Pond: Universities - UK vs USA”, 2019 | Lois Colley

“This project is a study into the comparison of student-athlete culture in an English university vs an American university…things were very different culturally and socially at both universities…”


“Victory for the Fallen”, 2019 | Luke Watson

“…The Battle of the Somme provided the setting for soldier-poets to produce texts that give readers today an insight into the emotions of one of the bloodiest battles of WWI…”


“Wild Swimmers”, 2019 | Amy Gibbons

“…The swimmers brave the cold to chase an adrenaline rush, to help with mental health, to keep physically fit and to enjoy the surrounding nature…”


“Cheltenham Hip-Hop”, 2019 | Ryan Free

“To me, Hip-hop means to embody the independence of taking back your mind from the mass cultural consumption of everything.”


“303”, 2019 | Thomas Dryden-Kelsey

“I remember travelling to school back and forth from just outside Andover to a small turn off past the A36. For some reason, this English highway has been in the back of my mind ever since adolescence. “


“All of Us: Portraits of the Ghent Bicentennial”, 2018 | Richard Beaven

“…My aim was to reflect a broad narrative of our town through those who live and work here.”


“Utö”, 2018 | Jasmine Färling

“…’Utö’, meaning ‘outer island’, is the southernmost year-round inhabited island in Finland...”


“Las Afueras (The Outskirts): The Neighbourhood of the Cemetery”, 2017 | Laura Prieto Martín

“…’Las Afueras’ is a photo documentary that captures the young community growing up in the outskirts of a dormitory city in Spain…”


“Southern Reach”, 2018 | Ryan Smith

“…By cataloguing these isolated transmitters, an emphasis is placed on bother their physical form, and the invisible network…”


“Frederick Road”, 2018 | Josh Lyle

“…This is a documentation of a childhood home through images of the house now, and the homeowners, to scanned images of living there as a child.”


“A Handshake with a Martian”, 2018 | Samuel Fradley

“…this series is a personal investigation into the British UFO phenomena…”


“Puck Fair”, 2018 | Wojtek Ryzinski

“…This series documents the annual Puck Fair in Ireland, one of the oldest and most unusual festivals…”


“Last House Standing”, 2018 | Ben Marcin

“…My interest in these solitary buildings is not only in their ghostly beauty but in their odd placement in the urban landscape…”


“Two Dogs”, 2018 | Liam Jones

“…Through this project, I'm attempting to discover how concepts of belonging, community and identity are all shaped by your environment…”


“Axilla”, 2018 | Jon Pountney

“…This project that arose from conversations about the nature of femininity and the decision to not shave body hair, particularly the armpit…”


“Social State”, 2018 | Alishia Farnan

“…This project seeks to document these historic buildings before the social landscape changes beyond recognition…”


“Snowdonia Revisited”, 2018 | Robert Law

“…This narrative aims to reveal the beauty of what is hidden underneath the surface rather than the common aesthetically pleasing images of Snowdonia…”


“Below the Radar”, 2018 | Jason Thomas

“…I began to gain interest in the eco way of living and how we have so many housing problems within the UK and yet the people living here could build a home from as little as £1,000…”


“Bristol Streets”, 2018 | Daniel Jack Waite

“…These images represent how colourful and unique the city is and showing what it is that makes Bristol, Bristol…”


“Between Darkness and Light”, 2018 | Katie Hayward

“…’Between Darkness and Light’ is an observation of the landscape in the coastal town of Lowestoft in Suffolk…”


“On the Fringe”, 2018 | Andy Mellor

“…This series represents the possible effect the all-inclusive package holiday can have on a place whose reliance is almost solely on tourism…”


“Powolani przez Boga”, 2016 | Scarlett O’Flaherty

“…’Powolani przez Boga’ is a documentation of the feminine adoration of God…”


“Crowning Barbie”, 2018 | Megan Gibbard

“…My recent project documents the child beauty pageant world in the UK…”


“Planted”, 2016 - 2018 | Katie Mordan

“…In 2016 and 2017 I walked the streets of the Gloucestershire town of Cheltenham, where I lived, documenting where nature interacts with the built environment…'“


“Soulmate”, 2018 | Charlotte Colenutt

“…'Soulmate' documents NGO Odanadi in Mysore, South India - an organisation rescuing women and children who have been trafficked...”


“Oh, Mama”, 2018 | Megan Bendall

“…This series shows daily life over the last year at my home in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, where my Ma is living with Secondary Brest Cancer…”