“Another Day”, 2017 | Isabel Chapman


Isabel is a portrait and lifestyle photographer currently based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. She has always been intrigued by the intricate details that form our lives, capturing what ultimately shapes individualities. Her way of shooting is one that takes more of a distant approach to her subjects, observing them and their life.

We asked Isabel to talk about her project 'Another Day'.

‘Another Day’ centres around the theme of ageing and loneliness, and how merely companionship isn’t always a two-way street. The dynamic of the relationship between these two human beings has drastically changed since the beginning of their relationship, could their lives have been different? Could they have made different life choices ultimately altering their life path? However, this is how they live now.

Phoebe’s main connection to the outside world is through the phone, talking to family and friends. She only leaves the house when she has to as she can’t leave Eric alone for long. She leaves before dawn catching the earliest bus she can into town, so she is able to do the weekly shop, collect their pensions etc. all before Eric has even woken up. Eric use to live a very active lifestyle, which left Phoebe in the background. However, since his retirement, his health has dramatically declined leaving Phoebe to change her life to revolve around caring for him.

For my grandparents.

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All images and text © Isabel Chapman