“A Rock and a Hard Place”, 2018 | Jordan Turnbull 


Jordan Turnbull is a documentary photographer from Kent currently studying at the University of Gloucestershire. He has undertaken a range of photographic topics during his studies ranging from events, geographical location, photojournalistic, community based work and at the moment exploring a more political approach.

We asked Jordan to discuss his recent series, 'A Rock and a Hard Place', and his current exploration into political photography.

Brexit is redefining relationships and nowhere is it more noticeable than in Gibraltar.

The name ‘A Rock and a Hard Place’ is derived from both literal and metaphorical observation; the physical dominant rock becomes contrasted against a possibly harder ‘Brexit’. The inhabitants, once again, are thrown into a situation where Gibraltar becomes the ‘whipping boy’ for exerting pressure to any arrangement.

The people are living in a dreamlike state of uncertainty with no assurances of a sustainable relationship with Spain continuing with added stronger opposition to a repeat of a closed border between 1969-1985. The inhabitants dubious of what could be, are presented in the latter half of this project with reflective observation. The inhabitants, frustrated and estranged from their own sense of British identity that they once fought so strongly for, now have to fight for it again as a result of following the United Kingdom in this tumultuous time.

These times will surely tell how ‘British’ Gibraltar is and how ‘British’ it will stay.

For more of Jordan's work, go to www.jordanturnbullphoto.com

All images and text © Jordan Turnbull