“A Quiet Invasion”, 2018 | Harvey Folkes


Harvey is a photographic artist originally from the West Midlands, currently based in the South West. His work is featured on Source: Graduate Photography Online 2018.

We asked Harvey about his most recent series.

My work explores the complexities of the human condition and the thoughts and emotions that we experience. Whether these experiences are mine or those of others, it is this element of human nature I aim to capture. In this body of work, I enter the intimate spaces of others and produce self-portraits whilst wearing their clothing. During this invasion of another person’s safe haven, I settle into the room and become part of a scene that is often private. These quiet spaces allow me to become something of a character through the room and who I feel I am inside it. The room’s tone informed how the images came out and the feeling of each character came from my own feelings I experienced in the room. I tend to not even see myself in the images anymore; they have become Roland, Mable and Kathleen.

To see more of Harvey's work, visit www.harveyfolkes.com

All images and text © Harvey Folkes