“Across the Pond: University - UK vs USA”, 2019 | Lois Colley 

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Lois is a photojournalist studying at the University of Gloucestershire, about to complete her final year. She is a photographer and a videographer and enjoy most fields of photography! To her, photography is a way of freezing the life she sees in front of her. It’s a permanent memory that she never want to forget. Lois loves the life she lives and photographs the world from her own perspective - putting the camera to her eye allows her to illustrate this world she sees to other’s eyes.

Lois told us about her series “Across the Pond: University - UK vs USA”.

This project is a study into the comparison of student-athlete culture in English University vs American University. The Women’s Football team of each University were given five disposable cameras to photograph their life as a student-athlete. The images consist of football training, matches, lectures, social life and living arrangements.

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All images and text © Lois Colley