“Across the Pond: University - UK vs USA”, 2019 | Lois Colley 

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Lois is a photojournalist studying at the University of Gloucestershire, about to complete her final year. She is a photographer and a videographer and enjoy most fields of photograph. To her, photography is a way of freezing the life she sees in front of her. It’s a permanent memory that she never want to forget. Lois loves the life she lives and photographs the world from her own perspective - putting the camera to her eye allows her to illustrate this world she sees to other’s eyes.

Lois told us about her series “Across the Pond: University - UK vs USA”.

This project is a study into the comparison of student-athlete culture in an English University vs an American University. The Women’s Football team of each University were given five disposable cameras to photograph their life as a student-athlete. The images consist of football training, matches, lectures, social life and living arrangements.

At the university in the US, we had an 11pm curfew and separate girls and boys dorms. There’s no alcohol on campus, bible class, chapel everyday and no swearing on the soccer field.

The UK university didn’t have any restrictions in timings, attendance didn’t even effect your grade - it was a lot more independent as an adult compared to the US. The sport teams would have Wednesday nights out in pubs for their evening socials in fancy dress, followed by going to clubs in the town. First year halls are mixed with roughly 6-8 people per flat with 3/4 flats in a block.

As you can tell, things were very different culturally and socially at both universities.

To see more of Lois’ work, visit www.lcexposures.portfoliobox.net or to see more of her videography work, visit https://vimeo.com/lcexposures

All images and text © Lois Colley